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Time of Receiving : Occasionally, customers place great importance on the prompt delivery of the product. In such cases, the mining and manufacturing operations intensify to meet the demand. The price of Gilsonite is also influenced by the delivery time. If customers desire faster delivery, they must be willing to pay a higher price. Additionally, the size of the Natural Asphalt shipment affects its price. Bulk purchases generally result in lower prices. Conversely, if the demand for Natural Asphalt is in the form of granules, the price tends to be higher.

Furthermore, Natural Asphalt has numerous applications that require it to be in powder form. Consequently, the price of Natural Asphalt is influenced by its size.

The price of Gilsonite varies based on its grade, granulation, and packaging. At Asiagilsonite factory, the price range falls between $300 and $600. However, it is important to note that Gilsonite prices can vary from country to country. In certain nations, sellers may offer it at a higher price, while in others, it may be available at a lower cost.

The price of Natural Bitumen is contingent upon its specific type and the region in which it is sourced. For instance, the price of natural asphalt in America differs from that in Iran. Nevertheless, countries with their own Gilsonite mines generally offer it at a lower price. Interestingly, some countries purchase natural asphalt and subsequently sell it at a higher price after making modifications. Moreover, certain nations engage in stronger marketing strategies to sell the same Gilsonite they have acquired.

Iran holds the first position in terms of Natural Asphalt reserves, accounting for 40% of the total. These reserves are primarily located in the cities of Kermanshah, Gialangreb, Somar, Ilam, and East Lorestan. Additionally, America is the second supplier of gilsonite after Iran .

The demand for Natural Bitumen is projected to soar to $6,310 million by 2024, marking a significant 5.3% increase over the next five years. By 2026, this demand is expected to reach a staggering 1.381 million dollars.

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